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Anti Viral Technical sheet

This tea is specifically designed to boost immune defense against viruses. Each ingredient has specific anti viral properties as well as general nutrients that help prevent and or fight all manor of infections.

This tea could easily be named delicious garden blend or immunity tea, or everyday super drink, or feel better now tea! It really taste great and feels great in every way.

Here is a breakdown of the ingredients and some of their individual benefits.

Tulsi – Must we say more about this time honored herb, its has it all! This life giving plant is loaded with anti viral, anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti histamine, compounds. It also contains nitric oxide which supplies oxygen to hard to reach cells and facilitates delivery of other herbs while helping circulation and promoting fat burning and muscle growth ! To boot is also loaded with anti-oxidents, Vit C and calcium magnisium and pottasium. Also has been clinically proven to kill H1N1 (swine flu virus) as well as other super viruses. (Just the tip of the iceberg)

Turmeric – This one isnʼt even a secret anymore! Loaded with nutrients (4th most antioxidants of any plant known) Vit C B1,B2,B6,Calcium, magnisium, pottassium, choline, copper, iron, manganese to name a few. It also contains Curcumins,which are potent anti viral , anti inflammatory, anti tumor. It is also hight “heptoprotective” which means it protects the liver from toxins either toxins being detoxed or from environmental or dietary sources. There isnʼt enough paper or gigabits to list all the amazing uses or benefits to this plant.

Lemongrass– The humble lemongrass, is not to be underestimated . Anti viral, anti bacterial , anti fungal fever reducer with nitric oxide. This one doubles down on all the benefits of the other herbs in this blend. Major life enhancer.

Kookoolau– Hawaiian Native (Bidens). Superb blood purifier, antiviral, antibiotic

Noni Leaf– Anti viral, anti bacterial, Anti inflamatory, Nitric Oxide, Super power

Guava leaf – Antiviral, stomach healer, Blood builder.

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