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Black Oolong tea
Technical sheet

Camellia Sinensis – commonly know as “the tea plant” is a regular miracle. The techniques and preparations of this time honored plant vary greatly worldwide. The specific growing conditions as well Each step Of production /preparation impacts the flavor aroma and effect the finished product will have. The most common preparations of this plant are known as white, green, black and oolong teas respectively. There are 1000s of variations in each of these categories determining what type of experience will be in your cup.

The common experience tea drinkers crave is an uplifting, clear, Calming but invigorating one. This is likely due to Its list of miraculous plant compounds. Including super star antioxidant EGCG and feel good mood enhancer Theobromine.

Naikela botanicals is dedicated to learning more about this plant. We will be making small batches of these teas, from our small now producing tea garden. We look forward to experiencing more with you, one cup at a time.


Certified Naturally Grown means our farm is held accountable to other farmers who annually evaluate our property and farm practices are natural and sustainable.

100% Naturally Grown

Featuring Caffeine Free & Hemp Infused

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