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Our Process

Techniques & Process

It only makes sense to work with nature the way it was originally designed. We use techniques that mirror this sustainable way. We plant many varieties of unique botanicals in our gardens that grow harmoniously together, we call them our “our garden jungle.” We have developed a universal farming style; inspired by world wide influencers of Ancient Hawaiian practices, farming Bio-dynamics, Fukaoka natural farming, Permaculture Design, and French Intensive method and more.

When the botanicals are ready to harvest, so are we. Delightfully anxious in our candy store of flowers, leaves, and other botanical delights, we carefully transition our hand-picked botanicals onto our drying racks, carefully by hand. Our botanicals experience a tropical heat wave as they enter our sun powered, solar dehydration system. It is purposefully designed NOT TOO HOT for the plant, only hot enough to pull the water content out of the plant life. This process is referred to as “raw cured.” Once our solar drying of about 3-7 days is complete, we carefully take the botanicals and grind them into a fine powder form, similar to a matcha grade. Our blend master then uses his blending techniques to create flavorful fresh tea powder blends.

We take pride in offering products farm-grown and processed through sustainable practices.

Created without:
GMO’s, herbicides, pesticides, synthetic ingredients, chemicals, fillers, preservatives, artificial flavoring or colors.

Our Gardens

We go back to the basics, God and His gift to us is nature: the ground itself is the substance from which we are made! Mysterious to our eyes, the ground below is alive as the rushing waves in the oceans. Tunnels of mini creepy crawlers saturate below, and even smaller cultures of microorganisms colonize under our plant’s root systems – feeding, sourcing, rebuilding, replenishing the soil. Our skilled farmers work harmoniously and sustainably with the land, bringing about massive increase. “When the soil is happy, the plants are happy, when the plants are happy, people are happy”.

Wild Harvesting
Other Community Farmers

The island of Kauai (The Garden Island) is a treasure trove of botanical life. We wild harvest, fruits, leaves, stems, seeds- whenever possible we use every part of the plant. We at Naikela Botanicals are excited in every new season, as it gifts us with new fruiting nutritious botanicals. We enjoy this opportunity to harvest and share each season’s bounty with you!

Here at Naikela Botanicals we believe in community, we have cultivated strong ties with other local farmers. Due to the long list of plants used in our formulas we often find the need to outsource (buying or trading with other farmers for their produce or access to wild crops.)


Certified Naturally Grown means our farm is held accountable to other farmers who annually evaluate our property and farm practices are natural and sustainable.

100% Naturally Grown


Featuring Caffeine Free & Hemp Infused


Sugar Free