Tea Subscription – 1 Item + Tea Of The Month

$25.00 / month


Tea Of The Month Servings – 8

Botanical Tea Powders – 30 servings

Hemp Infused – 10 Servings

No Risk – Cancel Anytime!

Free Shipping!

2 reviews for Tea Subscription - 1 Item + Tea Of The Month

  1. Jon

    Tea was amazing! Been very effective and helpful in keeping my body light. I feel more healthy drinking my teas daily instead of acidics like coffee, especially during this time with covid being even more beneficial. Looking forward to my monthly supply! Many thanks Naikela!

  2. Bryson

    I love the option to get something new and something I know and love. This was a great decision.

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100% Naturally Grown


Featuring Caffeine Free & Hemp Infused


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