Antiviral Tea



This tea is dynamite, medium full bodied it leaves nothing to be desired. The Taste is fresh and mildly sweet with mild clove and citrus overtones giving way to soothing smoothness. It has no bitterness at all just bright, clean complexity. We are hooked on this one and kids are asking specifically for it.

Servings: 10 or 20 (1 tsp makes a 16 ounce pot)

Ingredients: Tulsi, Lemongrass, Turmeric, Noni Leaf, Kookoolau, Guava Leaf, Soursop Leaf

2 reviews for Antiviral Tea

  1. Blake

    I really liked this one, a fresh flavor. Calming as a hot cuppa before bed and also refreshing over ice for a pick me up during the day.

  2. Eric

    Before getting hooked on Naikela tea powders and making them part of my daily routine, I would probably not have given the Anti Viral tea a second glance. Am I ever glad that I tried it! Refreshing, tasty, something that works for any time. Like the rest of the Naikela line, the Anti Viral takes Good For You and makes it Delicious too. A total win.

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