The 5 Pack


The best way to experience optimal health with Naikela Botanical’s tea powders is through diversifying the daily intake of our super plants! This encourages optimal health with added benefits of delicious flavor combinations. Naikela Botanicals artisan tea powders are designed to be enjoyed as a lifestyle habit that never gets old via offering 5 different flavor blends to drink throughout your day. We like to sip on Aloha Chai first thing in the morning, around mid-morning we switch over to our North Shore Punch-infused water for yoga or jiu-jitsu. Noon, we slurp down a glass of enzyme-rich Kauai Cleanse before we digest lunch. When afternoon rolls in we drizzle Wahine to our coconut smoothie … finally, we love relaxing after dinner with Garden Isle Mint! The next day change it up! You will start to feel the benefits and begin to feel it out as you get into your own perfect rhythm.

Package includes one of each flavor: North Shore Punch, Garden Isle Mint, Aloha Chai, Wahine & Kauai Cleanse

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  1. Marie

    This is a fantastic value to suit any needs you might have. I haven’t tasted one I don’t like

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