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Tea Powder

Ways to use



One of the quickest deliveries of health benefits is a cup of tea, hot or chilled. To make hot tea: just boil water, pour serving size 1/2 teaspoon ( more or less ) powder into water, stir. Feel free to add a cream and sweetener! To make ice tea or cold brew: fill glass with room temp water, add serving size of powder stir then add ice.

Work Out Hydro Water

Add 1/2 tsp powder per 8-16 oz water stir or shake add ice


Place a large or small pinch in mouth on tongue or gums. Great way to keep balanced between health drinks.

Add to food

Sprinkle in smoothies, yogurt, fruit, baked goods, soups, cookies, ice cream.

Why Powder

We have chosen to create a health product that is easily versatile and usable for those on the go! In our modern culture we are constantly combating the balance of enough time ‘the struggle is real’ finding ‘that’ extra time to create plant-based dishes or to cook balanced wholefood meals our bodies crave! Traditionally herbs, spices, superfoods have been a staple of our ancestors since day one and it’s important that we consume them still today! Why, What makes them so important and beneficial for our health? Each plant has bio-identiacal phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants, anti-inflammartoies, amino acids that our bodies automactally identify and quickly use to facilitate : nourishment, support, aid, reconstruction, detoxification, cleansing, revitalizing, and healing. We need nutrient dense foods on the daily, to live these full healthy lives: promoting good sleep, better mood, more energy, better memory, less stress, preventative against disease. Fine plant powder is broken down into it’s smallest effective form; immediately delivering the nutrients into our system. They are easy to digest and absorb! We encourage a daily habit of consuming water soluble nutrients every couple hours (those are your vitamin B’s, vitamin C, amino acids and all minerals) because we actually eliminate water soluble nutrients when we use the bathroom. Replenishing your body this way balances your alkalinity levels! Inspiring consistency builds an expectancy your body can rely on furthering helping it renew, balance, cleanse, increase immunity, heal, detox and so forth! We like to refer to it as a ‘Liquid Salad.” We also enjoy how diversity the health powders can be used. The powders can go into virtually anything and are limitless in varies ways of use! We inspired the idea of Tea powder as the best way to enjoy our botanical blends. Take a recommended serving size of 1/2 teaspoon and add directly into a 6-12 oz cup of hot water. STIR. It’s instantly flavorful and actively alive! Our superfood tea powders gives the luxury of consuming the whole plant. Nothing gets thrown away, like in a brewing process of loose leaf. The powder is created into a super fine texture so when it is added into water it will blend instantly! We have masterfully formulated each farm-fresh blend to taste beyond delicious! We’ve added a touch of our farm-grown stevia to soften the bitterness of other roots & herbs in used in the blend. We dislike the strong taste of stevia, so we don’t use much at all! please don’t worry 🙂 the tea powders don’t have that fake stevia taste. Powder form gives you the freedom to play with different ways of using it! We love adding it to hot or cold water making tea lattes, add into your coffee, smoothies, smoothie bowls, soup curries, bake goods, toast, yogurt parfait, homemade granolas. There’s really no right or wrong way to use it! Each herbal and superfood is safe for every day long periods of time; in Chinese medicine its referred to as tonic herbals. If you do add a heating element, note enzyme strength will lessen. All our teas are Sugar FREE and Caffeine Free!!!

More ways to use

We suggest two ways of using the tea powder. One way would be just to enjoy a cup of tea when craving a good morning | afternoon cuppa. The second, would be to use the botanical health powders for deeper medicinal healing. It would be a more intental mindful protocol of getting the herbs into your body and having your body use the healing properties “food is medicine’ to inspire natural healing from the inside out. We suggest at least a serving size || 2x a day. You can add a serving size to room temperate water and drink morning + night or drink the tea through out the day! We suggest doing this with our more medicinal blends of Kauai Cleanse and Wahine (women’s wellness) Drink 2x a day for 3 months for best results. We love the 5 pack because it allows us to enjoy a diversity of plant health intermixed through out the day! Imagine starting your morning with an Aloha Chai or Wahine Latte (numilk+honey) awakening your senses and digestion, inspiring less stress adaptogenic clarity, light feels with anti-inflammatory ease. Imagine drizzling your North Shore Punch into your work out hydro (shake then add ice after) inspiring hydration, antioxidant sun-protection, natural nitric oxide increasing blood flow and muscle building. Imagine a nice Garden Isle Mint for a afternoon calm to allergies or a tummy ache, or just to soothe your throat as the seasons change. An evening glass of Kauai Cleanse inspiring breaking up of foods, soothing the stomach lining and repairing stomach acid balance, electrically pulling pathogens, metals, aka bad guys + eliminating them, supporting+ improving natural detox function and organs, prebiotic feeding probiotic flora, GI leaky gut healer!!! For women we suggest adding in Wahine once a day or twice a day targeting reproductive system + endocrine systems. Yes, each blend is safe for pregnancy, we suggest consuming Kauai cleanse lightly through pregnancy. They are safe while breast feeding, be sensitive with first few months as babies digestions are newly functioning and building, many foods are cautioned in this time and can cause the baby sensitivity with gas and such. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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