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Truly a top-shelf product! Amazing taste, packed with a healthy dose of essential nutrients. Garden Isle Mint is my daily go-to hot tea morning ritual, while North Shore punch is my cold hydration additive for an intense afternoon workout. I’ve also started a new routine of the Anti viral tea in awareness of current events, being that the only true remedy is found in nature, not in a syringe! I cannot recommend enough.
Zachary Moeller

These guys are awesome! Family owned and home grown. I really love the hemp infused teas they’re amazing. Thank you Naikela!
Jeff Lee

Amazing Tasting High-Quality Tea from Hawaii!! Naikela Botanicals Hemp Infused Garden Isle Mint, and Aloha Chai teas taste absolutely amazing. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of ingredients, ease of use with the new on-the-go stick packs, and the outstanding taste. You can really tell that Naikela Botanicals cares about their quality and ingredients.

I would highly recommend trying their line of teas; you won’t be disappointed.

Derek Pippin

The idea of getting Hemp without the bottle, without the drips, without the hassles and instead get it with a tea when I like to sit and relax and enjoy is just awesome. I love that I can carry it with me when I travel and don’t get stink eye from Homeland Security and can get through the airport and still get the hemp to enjoy with the tea. Love it.
Thanks Aaron and thanks Naikela Botanicals. You are awesome!!!
Hey, give it a try, you’ll love it!
Lawrence M Law

Amazing hot, so crisp when chilled overnight. Can’t go wrong with the Anti-Viral in these times. Awesome Tea!
Chad Puni

I just tried Naikela’s Garden Isle Mint herbal tea powder. I am one who really looks at ingredients and likes to know where they are sourced. This product shows the ingredients (which are very pure) and it is hemp infused which means it is packed with nutrients. They are also farm grown & Certified Naturally Grown. This herbal tea powder is so easy to add to my hot cup of water or any liquid and drink. I like the taste; it’s not overpowering. It’s soothing and I can tell it’s potent as well, so my body must be absorbing a lot of the nutrients in this product. I am looking forward to see how I feel as I continue to use this.
I would highly recommend trying their line of teas; you won’t be disappointed.
Kohanna Law

I have been drinking Naikela Tea for seven years. I love love love it whether hot or cold; not only because it is tasty and refreshing, but because it just makes me feel good. It is a fragrant Kauai garden in a cup. The mixologist is a genius!!
Claudia Cowden

These teas are amazing!! The Wahine tea is a must for me, it helps so much with “the change”. It is an effective “medicine” and it tastes great too = ). Mahalo nui Naikela.
Carolyn Silan

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