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This tea is dynamite, medium full bodied it leaves nothing to be desired. The Taste is fresh and mildly sweet with mild clove and citrus overtones giving way to soothing smoothness. It has no bitterness at all just bright, clean complexity. We are hooked on this one and kids are asking specifically for it.

Servings: 24 or 48 (1 tsp makes a 16 ounce pot)

Ingredients: Tulsi, Lemongrass, Turmeric, Noni Leaf, Kookoolau, Guava Leaf, Soursop Leaf

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We’re so thankful for what this island gives to us. From the vibrant blue ocean surging with life, to majestic mountains collecting fresh rainwater. The soil here is rich, the plant life is lush, the sun is powerful. And because of all of those things, we harness the goodness and power in seeds and roots and leaves and nourish our bodies with @naikelabotanicalstea
Stay healthy and grateful, friends!
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Our Aloha Chai is the perfect drink for this time between the end of fall and beginning of winter. This beautiful spicy blend tastes delicious and refreshing over ice, but is also perfect if you want something to warm you up.
Feeling fancy? After stirring this magical chai powder into hot water, we recommend adding a bit of local honey, and a splash of your favorite plant-based milk. Chai Tea latte, yes please 😍
Might even be perfect while you watch a Christmas movie…. Too soon?? 😉
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You’ve heard of farm-to-table? We like to call it root-to-cup 😛 Our organic, garden-grown ingredients pack a punch in your morning or afternoon cup of tea.
Cutting flowers and gathering ingredients in the same go? We love that kind of wellness in our lives 👏🏼Comment your favorite flower 🌺🌼🌷
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Have you heard? Our botanical teas are now on Amazon! ✨
Did you miss this week’s farmers market? Did you travel to the mainland and didn’t bring enough tea? Did you want to buy them as gifts for the holidays? No worries, brah! Add them to your Amazon shopping cart along with your usual purchase.
Gotta love when nourishing your body is also convenient 🤍 happy sipping!
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✨Naikela Botanicals Tea is a family-owned business located North Shore Kaua’i offering botanical wellness with delicious farm fresh superfood teas that help balance and support your overall health. naikela.com

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Morning cuppa 🍵 Start your morning off with some nourishing tea to ease your body into the day 🌞 Our Kauai Cleanse, Garden Isle Mint, Aloha Chai, and Wahine are the perfect teas to wake up and balance your body, mind, and gut before heading into your busy day!
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Happy Aloha Friday! 🌞🥭 What you eat can influence your mood, your emotions, and how you feel overall! 🤩 Remember to fill your plate with allll the colors and nourish that body with whole food fuel! 💪🥑 🧺: @fullyrawkristina ...

🌞We’re baaack!! Took a brief little break from social media but we are back and ready to share about our favorite teas 🌺 and some healthy living tips! 🍵 Stay tuned! 🌱🤩 Comment your favorite Naikela tea below! 👇 ...

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Today is gonna be a good day! Get excited for a new product release video. It’s one of our favorites and we can’t wait to share it with you!🐬🌴🌞 ...

Introducing our first new product of the month! Kauai style matcha, (roasted oolong tea powder).
Get excited for the new IG tv video coming soon, highlighting everything there is to know about our matcha! 🍵🌺

bored of your basic coffee?! cant get enough of adding this into my morning blender latte : first I pour all my brewed coffee in blender, add almond half & half, @lairdsuperfood creamer, little butter, aloha chai powder, hint of honey and blend! Turns out so frothy! It’s great because you’re balancing out the acidity with extra nutrients and a good dose of vitamin C all in one delishy cuppa // you get 30 servings each tin at 1/2 teaspoon ...

hormones dictate the functionality of almost every chemical process in our bodies. Hormones are the chemical messengers that provide the foundation of our health. Secreted by the ovaries, thyroid, adrenals, and other various glands, our hormones are in a constant state of flux. Diet is perhaps the first thing to observe when beginning to rebalance your hormonal system. Hormones are directly linked to gut health and the bacteria within our microbiomes. The nutrients we consume are integral to maintaining a healthy hormonal system. Antioxidants, healthy fats, and protein are all essential in restoring a healthy hormonal foundation 🌿Moringa botanical pictured above in our Wahine blend is known as Africa's Miracle Tree, the moringa leaf is packed with vital hormone balancing nutrients and is a great source of plant protein. ... It acts as an 'adaptogen', which means that it helps increase hormones if they are low, and bring them down if they are high. 🍵The plant protein packed into moringa’s tiny leaves provides one of the healthiest ways to consume amino acids. Plant protein inherently sidesteps the harmful antibiotics and hormones often found in animal proteins. It is also alkaline-forming, which leads to less inflammation and a healthier gut. Moringa’s high levels of vitamin A and C reduce inflammation and decrease the impact of stress on our bodies. Consuming a healthy dose of antioxidants not only eases the symptoms that come along with hormone imbalance, but also addresses the root cause. It’s never too early to start making small changes to avoid major health issues down the road. Hormonal imbalances can often go undetected for years, but with a few changes in diet and daily habits, they can be circumnavigated or avoided altogether!!!! Shop our fantastic female wellness blend is beyond a multivitamin...inspiring key hormonal balance💫 Naikela.com ...

tap & taste, we wish!!!! drooling over @angelfoodie 💫✨ her feed inspires such delicious island plantbased creations if you’re needing some fresh ideas, she makes everything looks so beautiful #superfoodme #plantbased #healthyeating ...

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