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The Garden Isle Mint tea Is seriously delicious. however you have it. Hot, cold, Iced. This Is my new favorite drink. Period.

-Vincent Harris-

Once you try these teas, you’ll never go back to normal teas again.

-Noah Brush-

The flavor on these hemp-infused teas are out of this world.

-Elise Ivory-

I bought a few items from naikela, and ended up loving them so much that I decided to stay on subscription.

-Richard Curl-

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100% Naturally Grown


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Sugar Free

Who We Are

Naikela Botanicals Herbal Tea Powder was born on Kauai’s North Shore. Our small family owned and operated farm set the stage for these dynamic power packed blends. We are committed to the highest quality, and never use anything artificial in any phase of our process.

Enjoy our teas anytime, for any reason. Feel Better Now!

Naikela Quality

We are committed to quality in all phases of bringing our life changing products to you. Our product is 100% natural, from seed to powder with nothing but 100% farm grown plant material in every serving! The result is a water additive that is truly universal. Combining patent pending processes with naturally grown goodness in easy to use delivery. Taste and feel the difference!

Whole Hemp Infused

Our whole hemp infused herbal tea powder are delicious, easy to use and super healthy. These one of a kind tea powders, are used by people of all ages for general wellness and peaceful vibrations. Enjoy any time of day for full spectrum life enhancing!

Patent pending technology!

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